Welcome to Student Life!  

Our mission is to give every single student a chance to connect with others, to engage in fun activities and social events, to learn important life skills, and be empowered as they pursue a life and career after SPC. Research says that students must feel that they matter and belong before they engage and learn. Social support is crucial to completing your degree and improving your life. South Plains College not only supports you in your academic development, but also in all the ways necessary for you to thrive. 


Mattering means students “have a sense that others depend on them, are interested in them, and are concerned with their fate.” You are more than just a number, and we have a strong sense of community here at SPC. Mattering begins the moment you set foot on campus. The purpose of having events, activities, clubs, and organizations is to provide you with a broad swath of entry points to make friends and know that you belong here! 


SPC students have multiple ways to connect with others, form lifelong friendships, and actively participate in the campus community. These opportunities include campus events at both the Levelland and Downtown campuses, an active Student Government Association with representation on all campuses, and a plethora of student clubs to join. You will have many opportunities to engage and participate in the activities and events at SPC. 


By engaging both inside the classroom and outside the classroom, students learn. When they ask questions, do their homework, show up to club meetings, and serve in leadership roles, they learn valuable life skills of communication, time management, problem-solving, and teamwork.


The mission of South Plains College is to improve each student’s life. The Office of Student Life seeks to carry out the mission through everything we do. Students will learn to become better friends, neighbors, and citizens by participating in Student Life activities! 



You can reach the Student Life office at 806-716-2377 or studentlife@southplainscollege.edu

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