Veteran's Affairs

South Plains College is approved by the Veterans Administration to offer a wide variety of college-level courses for the veteran student. Certificate programs as well as associate-degree courses that can be transferred to 4-year college have been certified by the VA and meet all requirements for the veteran to be able to use his or her educational benefits. Benefits are specific to each student and the various types of benefits available can be researched online at Veteran educational benefits are administered through the Financial Aid Office at South Plains College. For additional information and assistance, contact the VA Advisor on the Levelland Campus,Lubbock Downtown Center, or Department of Veteran Affairs at 1-888-442-4551.

Eligible persons, whom are listed below, are encouraged to apply for benefits six to eight weeks prior to beginning their first semester. Benefits can be applied for through an online website:


All veterans must apply for and receive certification of their benefits from the Veterans Administration in Muskogee, OK. Only the Veterans Administration can determine the exact benefits each veteran is eligible for and any specific questions regarding eligibility and benefits should be addressed to the VA at 1-888-442-4551. Benefits can include direct payment of tuition and fees to SPC from the VA, book stipends, and housing allowances depending on the benefit selected. Benefits associated with specific chapters of the GI Bill® can be compared online at:

Child of Veteran

If a member of the armed forces was killed in action, died as a result of a service-related injury, or has a permanent or total disability as the result of a service-connected incident, educational benefits are extended to his or her children under certain conditions.

Spouse of Veteran

Under certain conditions, the widow or widower of a veteran or the spouse of a veteran with a permanent or total disability, as the result of a service-connected incident, is eligible to receive educational benefits.

Application Process

All veteran students must first be accepted for admission to South Plains College in order to utilize their veteran benefits. Applications can be made online at or by submitting a paper application to the Admissions Office.

Submit Member Copy 4 of their DD214 to the Admissions Office. (Copies of a DD214 may be requested online at

Request certified copies of transcripts be forwarded to SPC from each college the veteran has attended. If the veteran has not attended college prior to registering at SPC, they must request a certified copy of their high school transcript or GED.  Military transcripts are required for each veteran and transcript requests can be made at the following web addresses:

Air Force:

Army, Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard:


Submit a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility issued by the Veterans Administration to either of the VA Advisors.

After the veteran student has been accepted to South Plains College, they will be required to select their degree plan with the aid of one of the Advisors who will also assist the student with enrolling in the appropriate classes. The veteran student should contact one of the following Advising Centers for assistance:                

           Campus Advisors:

Merranda Cornoado Levelland Campus                                   James Owen Lubbock Downtown Center
               (806) 716-2361                                                                                       (806) 716-4614

Most veterans are exempt from the required state testing. However, if remedial classes are required and the TSI testing is not complete, the VA will not include these classes in computing monthly benefits.

Online Courses

Classes offered as online courses will be certified to the Veterans Administration as distance courses and are included in the determination of full-time status of the veteran student. Partial housing allowance is now payable to veteran students using Post 9/11 benefits enrolled solely in distance learning.

Please contact the Levelland VA Advisor at (806) 716-2361 with any additional questions.