Award Letter Disclosures

Financial Aid Award Letter Addendum

Cost of Attendance

This budget includes estimated tuition and fees assessed by a student, together with our estimate of the cost of food and housing, transportation, books and supplies, miscellaneous personal expenses, student loan fees, and dependent care for children under eleven years of age. At the request of the student along with proper documentation, we may also add any disability related costs to the student's cost of attendance.

Billable Costs (Direct Costs)

Charges paid directly to SPC; tuition, fees and on-campus food and housing.

Non-Billable Costs (Indirect Costs)

Estimated charges included in the cost of attendance such as off-campus food and housing, transportation, miscellaneous personal expenses, student loan fees and dependent care. FINANCIAL AID IS DESIGNED TO ASSIST WITH A PERCENTAGE OF THE INDIRECT COSTS AND MAY NOT COVER 100 PERCENT OF LIVING EXPENSES.

Gift Aid

Federal grants, state grants and scholarships that do not require repayment from present or future earnings (unless a student withdraws prior to the sixty percent point in the semester).

Self Help Aid

Funds provided by the student's current job, savings, or student loan.

Special Condition

If income information has changed substantially from the amount reported on the FAFSA, a student may request a Financial Aid advisor to review documented changes. The file must be processed with actual income information and error free prior to the special condition review. This request must be made prior to any aid paying tuition and fee charges. No aid will be awarded until the review process is complete. The review process may add a minimum of 10-14 days to financial aid processing.