Career and Technical Education Courses

Technical course offerings through dual credit are a starting point for students wanting to enter the workforce upon completion of a Certificate or Associate of Applied Science. These degrees offer hands-on training that will aid the student be more marketable in the competitive world. View the CTE/Dual Articulated Course Crosswalk for a complete listing of courses. Offerings vary by high school site.


Allied Health

BIOL 2404-Pathophysiology | CDEC 1321-The Infant & Toddler | CDEC 1319-Child Guidance | CDEC 1311-Educating Young Children | CDEC 1303-Families, School & the Community | CDEC 1167-Practicum | HITT 1305-Medical Terminology | EMSP 1401 & EMSP 1160-Basic Emergency Medical Technology (TSIA2 ELAR liable) | HRPS 2200-Pharmacology Practicum.



ACNT 1303-Intro to Accounting 1 | ACNT 1304-Intro to Accounting 2 | BMGT 1168-Practicum-Business | BMGT 1327-Principles of Management | ITSC 1309-Integrated Software Applications 1 | ITSE 1311-Beginning Web Programming | ITSE 1329-Programming Login & Design.


Criminal Justice

CJSA 1322-Introduction to Criminal Justice | CJSA 1313-Court Systems & Practices | CJSA 1327-Fundamentals of Criminal Law | CJSA 1348-Ethics in Criminal Justice | CJLE 2345-Vice and Narcotics Investigation.


Graphic Arts

ARTC 1302-Digital Imaging I | IMED 1316-Web Design I | PHTC 1345-Illustrative Photography I.


Industrial Technology

AUMT 1201-Intro & Theory of Automotive Technology | AUMT 1316-Suspension & Steering | AUMT 1410-Automotive Brake Systems | AUMT 1407-Automotive Electrical Systems | AUMT 2417-Automotive Engine Perf. Analysis 1 | WLDG 1412-Intro to Flux Cored Arc Welding | WLDG 1430-Intro to Gas Metal Arc | WLDG 1428-Intro to Shielded Metal Arc | WLDG 1457-Intermediate Shielded Metal Arc | FIRS 1203-Firefighter Agility & Fitness Preparation | FIRS 1301, 1407, 1313, 1319, 1323, 1329, 1433-Firefighter Certification I-VII | CNBT 1316-Construction Technology I | CNBT 1350-Construction Technology II | CETT 1303-DC Circuits | CETT 1305-AC Circuits.


Professional Services

CHEF 1305-Sanitation & Safety | CSME 1405-Fundamentals of Cosmetology | CSME 1410-Intro to Haircutting & Related Theory | CSME 1443-Manicuring and Related Theory | CSME 1447-Prin. of Skin Care/Facials | ELPT 1315-Electrical Calculations | ELPT 1321-Introduction to Basic Safety & Tools.


Video Production

RTVB 1305-Intro to Video Production | RTVB 2330-Film & Video Editing | FLMC 2444-Advanced Video & Film Editing.