Virtual Drive Driver Education

South Plains College and Virtual Drive have come together in order to provide students with affordable options in Texas driver education training.  The state of Texas requires that v driveall individual ages 15-24 must take a state approved driver education program in order to obtain their driver’s license.  Online driver education training is the cheapest, most flexible way to achieve that goal, which is why South Plains College has taken the steps to provide Virtual Drive training to all teenagers and potential students of SPC at great discounts.  SPC driver training options range from young teens looking to engage in the parent taught method of driver’s traiv drivening, to those 18 and older looking to complete a simple 6 hour adult program allowing them to receive their license easily.  These courses are completely online, which means you have the flexibility to complete your own course at your own pace, a feature most appreciated by hard working students.  South Plains College knows the importance of creating comfortable learning environments for their students, and we will continue working to provide progressive, innovative ways for individuals to achieve any goal they set for themselves, especially some of the most important knowledge in ones life, to be a safe driver.


If you are a TEEN and want to register, click here.

If you are an ADULT and want to register, click here.

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