Texas License To Carry and NRA Gun Classes


Spring 2016 LTC and NRA Classes at South Plains College


All classes are offered Spring and Fall semesters at the Levelland campus of South Plains College in the Law Enforcement Technology building. 


Texas License To Carry a Handgun; 8-10 hours, depending on the number of students

            Jan. 16, Feb. 6, March 5, March 26, May 7, June 11; $75


N.R.A. Basic Pistol; 10-12 hours, on Saturday and Sunday April 16-17

For beginning shooters; heavy stress on safety and pistol choices; .22 pistols, ammunition, hearing and eye protection are included for Sunday’s range portion. $80


N.R.A. Basic Pistol for Women only,  May 28-29. $80


N.R.A. Basic Rifle; 14 hours, classroom on Saturday and range on Sunday, Feb. 27-28; $100


Spring Break Youth Rifle, March 14-16; $100


N.R.A. Personal Protection In The Home; 8-10 hours on Saturday and Sunday (April 2-3); $100

            Introduction to defensive shooting; legal issues; flash sight picture, accelerated shots, use of cover

            and concealment, point shooting; making your home safer.  Range portion is 100 rounds, minimum.


N.R.A. Personal Protection Outside The Home; 14-16 hours on May 14-15; $135

For those who have or are getting an LTC; avoiding confrontations; responding to an attack; legal issues; carry modes and concealment; presenting (drawing) the pistol from concealment; shooting multiple targets, moving, strong hand only shooting, point shooting, hip shooting, shooting from high and low concealment, engaging targets from seated, from the side, from the rear, shooting in low light and at a distance.  All shooting starts from the concealed holster, and students will fire over 200 rounds during the eight hours at the range on Sunday and the following Saturday for the          Advanced course.


N.R.A. Reloading; 8 hours, March 26, June 11; $90

Metallic cartridges, both rifle and pistol.


N.R.A. Home Firearm Safety; 4-6 hours (t.b.a.): $45

Covers firearm safety, types of firearms (rifles, pistols, shotguns), ammunition components, cleaning, care, and safe storage. No shooting.


N.R.A. Refuse To Be A Victim; 5-6 hours, April 24; $35

A comprehensive crime prevention seminar from criminal psychology to automobile crimes, to cyber crimes; includes home security and use of personal safety devices; does not cover firearms. 


N.R.A. Defensive Pistol; 8-10 hours (t.b.a.); $100

Gun owner’s responsibilities; mental awareness; flash sight picture, cover and concealment, reloading under stress, clearing common stoppages, presenting from concealment, moving out of the line of attack; pocket pistols. 


Email mfelker@southplainscollege.edu for more information, or kreyes@southplainscollege.edu to register for class.                          


Space is limited!  Pre-Registration is preferred


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