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Fire Technology Advanced Certificate

The Advanced Fire Technology Level 2 Certificate adds 20 credit hours of approved specialty electives in either Emergency Medicine or Fire Service specialization training to the 25 credit hours already earned during Basic Fire Academy training, for a 45-credit-hour award.

Additionally, students earning the 45-credit-hour Level 2 Certificate can apply those credits toward the Associate of Applied Science in Fire Technology.


Students who choose the Emergency Medicine specialization will receive 20 credit hours of training in EMT-Basic (5 credit hours) and Advanced EMT (13 credit hours), successful completion of which leads to Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS) certification in those respective areas. There are also 2 credit hours of approved FIRS or FIRT electives required for this specialization.

  • EMSP 1401, Emergency Medical Technician, Basic
  • EMSP 1160, Clinical-EMT/Technician
  • EMSP 1161, Clinical EMT/Technician
  • EMSP 1355, Trauma Management
  • EMSP 1356, Patient Assessment and Airway Management
  • EMSP 1338, Intro. To Advanced Practice
  • EMSP 2248, Emergency Pharmacology
  • EMSP 1167, Practicum/Field Experience - Emergency Med. Tech./Technician
  • 2 Credit Hours in Approved FIRS or FIRT elective*


Students who choose the Fire Service specialization will receive 20 credit hours of training in advanced fire service topics, including the six Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) core courses.

  • FIRT 1301, Fundamentals of Fire Protection
  • FIRT 1307, Fire Prevention Codes and Inspections
  • FIRT 1319, Firefighter Health and Safety
  • FIRT 1329, Building Codes and Construction
  • FIRT 1333, Fire Chemistry I
  • FIRT 1338, Fire Protection Systems
  • 2 Credit Hours in Approved FIRS or FIRT elective*

*Approved FIRS / FIRT Electives:                          

  • FIRS 1204, Basic Wildland Firefighting
  • FIRS 1543, Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting
  • FIRS 2344, Driver/Operator - Pumper
  • FIRS 2450, Hazardous Materials Technician
  • FIRT 1302, Plan Examiner I
  • FIRT 1408, Fire Inspector I
  • FIRT 1440, Fire Inspector II
  • FIRT 1442, Fire Officer I
  • FIRT 1443, Fire Officer II
  • FIRT 1450, Fire Investigator
  • FIRT 2111, Incident Safety Officer
  • FIRT 2112, Hazardous Materials Incident Commander
  • FIRT 2305, Fire Instructor I
  • FIRT 2307, Fire Instructor II
  • FIRT 2359, Fire Instructor III
  • FIRT 2456, Fire Officer III
  • FIRT 2457, Fire Officer IV

Web-Enhanced Curriculum

FESHE core courses are offered only online, meaning course materials and study aids are available through South Plains College’s Blackboard Learning System. Students are required to complete quizzes and assignments online and utilize the course email.

The approved FIRS/FIRT elective courses are web-enhanced “blended” or “hybrid” courses, and include both online and classroom hours. Students will be required to study lecture materials and complete assignments and quizzes online through SPC’s Blackboard Learning System; classroom sessions will review online materials and prepare for skills training and testing.

EMSP classes are offered only as traditional classroom courses, but also have course material available for student reference on the Blackboard Learning System.

More Information

For more information about the Advanced Fire Technology Level 2 Certificate, contact Advising Specialist Brad Barrick at