FH. Sexual Harassment Policy

It is the policy of South Plains College to maintain an academic and working environment free from all forms of harassment and to insist that all students be treated with dignity, respect, and courtesy.
It is obvious from the college policy that any comments or conduct relating to a person's race, religion, age or ethnic background which fail to respect the dignity and feelings of the individual are unacceptable. It should be equally obvious that this policy extends to comments or conduct of a sexual nature, where such behavior tends to threaten or offend any student.
Any behavior toward any student by an instructor, supervisor, or other student which constitutes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or the display of derogatory posters, cartoons, or drawings and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature will be considered to be sexual harassment when:

1. Submission to such conduct is made a condition of a student's employment or classroom evaluation;

2. Submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as basis for academic or employment decisions affecting such individual;

3. Such conduct has the purpose or affect of interfering with an individual's class performance or creating an unfriendly or offensive work or learning environment.
South Plains College recognizes that employees and students of both genders work together and communicate. Although there is no absolute definition of conduct which constitutes sexual harassment in every case, all South Plains College employees and students are asked to conduct themselves reasonably in accordance with the guidelines set forth above. The college will not tolerate any conduct which fails to comply with the letter and spirit of these guidelines.

Any student believing that he or she has been the object of harassment should report any such incident to the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Every reported incident of sexual harassment will be thoroughly and promptly investigated with the cooperation of the student, and the administration shall respect the confidences and sensitivities of all persons involved in the incident. The concerned student will be afforded protection from retaliation, and the results of any investigation of alleged harassment shall promptly be communicated to the student. Where charges of sexual harassment are substantiated, appropriate corrective action will be taken. Appropriate action might range from counseling to termination depending on the nature and gravity of the situation.


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