FP. Services for Students with Disabilities

Students with learning, hearing, visual, physical or other disabilities may be eligible for special support services and auxiliary aids provided by the college. For information, students should contact the Disability Services Office in the Student Services Building on the Levelland Campus or the Office of Disability Services on the Reese Campus.

Handicapped parking is available for permanently disabled students who have a state-issued plate or windshield card. Temporarily disabled students may be issued a time-limited handicapped-parking permit. For details, contact the Dean of Students/Dean of Student Life on the Levelland Campus or the Associate Dean of Student Services at Reese.

Some handicapped students may be eligible for financial assistance from the Texas Rehabilitation Commission (TRC), the Texas Commission for the Blind (TCB), or the Texas Commission for the Deaf (TCD). For information, contact the TRC, TCB, or TCD located in Lubbock.

Tutoring, help with study skills, and other support services are available through the Learning Center. For more information, contact the Learning Center Office located on the third floor of the library on the Levelland Campus.

All facilities on campus are equipped with ramps and handrails and all programs should be accessible to students with different types of handicaps. Any student who anticipates difficulty in gaining access to a classroom should contact the Counseling Center on either campus at the time of registration or advise the instructor on the first day of class.


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