Fitness Schedule: Spring 2016

Classes begin January 19: All classes, except Tai Chi Chih, are included in your membership.  Additional sign-ups are not required.  Just show up and get busy!

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


Indoor Cycling  Express w/


Tabata w/

Dee Dee


Indoor Cycling Express w/



Boot Camp Express w/ Dee Dee


Bellies w/ Harry    Bellies w/ Harry  

  Indoor Cycling

w/ Harry 


Zumba w/


 Intensity w/Dee Dee


Yoga w/ Sarah

 Indoor Cycling w/ Harry 


Zumba w/ Stephanie

Intensity w/

Dee Dee 


Yoga w/ Sarah


Intensity w/ Cade

Intensity w/   Cade Intensity w/ Cade  

Tai Chi Chih

w/ Cindy

Begins 2/22 registration fee: See below


Beginners are always welcome to come and modify movements as needed.  

 Class Descriptions


 15 minutes of "core" training.  Come blast your belly!

Boot Camp

A back to basics workout guaranteed to whip you into shape in no time.  No fancy choreography or fluff. Express version is 30 min. start to finish.

Indoor Cycling

A 30-45 min. cardio workout like no other! If you want to work hard w/o the choreography, cycling may be the perfect fit for you!  We challenge you to try the class 3 times before deciding!


Challenge yourself like never before with this multi-dimensional class which concentrates on functional movements to help you get in the best shape of your life. Be ready for anything, but expect INTENSITY!


A high intensity interval class (HIIT) designed for quality, not quantity. 20 sec. of all out effort, followed by 10 sec. rest= 1 Tabata.  We will perform multiple Tabatas each class!

Tai Chi Chih

 This is a gentle 8 week course for all ages or conditions and can even be done seated. Daily practice can reduce stress, control blood pressure, strengthen bones, and improve balance and flexibility. The 1st night is a free intro. session. Register after the first night of class. Cost: $50 SPC F/S and fitness center members  $60 Non-SPC members


No cell phones allowed

This yoga class is geared for the beginner-intermediate yoga student. Strength, flexibility, balance, and relaxation exercises are incorporated.  You do not have to be flexible to try this class! We will work hard, and then end the session with a short relaxation exercise.   The room is warm, so bring water and a towel.


Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance fitness class that is sweeping the nation! It is exercise in disguise! You do not have to be an experienced dancer to enjoy this class!  Zumba is FUN, different, easy to learn, and effective!  Join the revolution!


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