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Our Advising Mission Statement

The advising system at South Plains College is a continuous process designed to foster the development of the student’s successful educational plan compatible with the unique life goals of the individual student.  By practicing a holistic, proactive approach, South Plains College advising creates a student-centered environment from which students emerge as independent life long learners. 

Goals of the advising system at South Plains College are to:

  • Guide in the selection of courses and preparation of an individualized success plan, including degree worksheets and TSI  information that correlates with life goals.

  • Increase awareness of institutional resources and make referrals to appropriate support services.

  • Clarify the student’s responsibility in his/her academic success, including academic regulations, institutional procedures, and policies.

  • Encourage educational and career exploration and goal setting.

  • Create an environment that is caring, supportive and accessible.

  • Assist students in exploration, clarification, communication and implementation of realistic choices.

  • Offer ongoing training and professional development activities for all involved in advising.

  • Provide regular, formal evaluation of advising practices and make adjustments based on evaluation recommendations.

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