Academic Council Minutes


The primary responsibility of the Academic Council is to review and coordinate all curriculum and educational program revisions, including additions and deletions to the course inventory, and to either approve or disapprove their adoption. Curriculum and program revisions approved by the Academic Council are recommended to the Board of Regents for adoption.

Membership of the council includes all departmental chairpersons, the dean of arts and sciences, dean of technical education, the dean of health occupations, dean of continuing and distance education, vice president for student affairs, dean of admissions and records, the director of guidance and counseling, the director of the teaching and learning center, the director of library services and the vice president for academic affairs, who serves as chairperson for the council.

The council meets twice a year and at other times as needed. Requests for special meetings should be directed to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Minutes for the Academic Council can be accessed below. All curricular revisions are archived in the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.



Minutes April 3, 2015
  October 3, 2014
  April 4, 2014
  September 27, 2013
  March 29, 2013
  September 28, 2012
  March 30, 2012
  September 23, 2011
  March 11, 2011
  September 24,2010
  March 5, 2010


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