Workstudy Positions


Admissions and Records - Levelland             

Semester(s): Summer
Day and Time Needed: around class schedule from 8:00 to 4:00
Number of Positions: 1
Job Description:
  • be able to get along with others
  • must have organization skills
  • must have computer skills
  • be able to use some excel and word
  • run errands
  • dress appropriately
  • be on time to work
  • have phone skills and answer phone with courteous voice
  • be pleasant and professional to visitors
Contact Information:
Name/Supervisor: Andrew Ruiz
Telephone Number: 806-716-2371


Admissions & Records - Levelland               

Semester(s): Summer I & II
Day and Time Needed: Any time between 8am and 4pm
Job Description:
General office duties: scanning, stuffing envelopes, assisting with data entry, other duties as assigned.
Contact Information:
Name/Supervisor: Andrea Rangel/Adela Ochoa
Telephone Number: 806-894-9611                 Ext. 2370


Development - Levelland                               

Semester(s):  Summer I & II
Day and Time Needed: any
Number of Positions:  1
Job Description:
General clerical work and reception. In addition, some work may involve access to confidential donor/alumni records.
Contact Information:
Name/Supervisor:  Jody Drennan
Telephone Number: 806-716-2019


Dean of Students/Housing - Levelland        

Semester(s): Summer I & II
Day and Time Needed: Mon - Thur 8am to 4pm; Friday 8am to 3pm
Job Description:
  • help with parking permits
  • filing files
  • scanning documents
  • answering phones and basic office duties
Contact Information:
Name/Supervisor: Jesica Villescas
Telephone Number: 806-716-2379


Payroll - Levelland                                          


Semester(s): Summer
Day and Time Needed: will work around school
Job Description:
light office duties - filing, mail, campus delivery
Contact Information:
Name/Supervisor: Vickey Vest
Telephone Number: 806-216-2609



Semester(s): Summer I & II
Day and Time Needed: 8 am to 7 pm
Number of Positions: 4
Job Description:
General office duties which will include answering phones, making copies, filing and monitoring labs.
Contact Information:
Name/Supervisor: Alice Fitzgerald
Telephone Number: 806-296-9611                 Ext. 4304


Student Life - Levelland                                 


Semester(2): Summer II
Day and Time Needed: Will work around school
Job Description:
  • Provide assistance at the front counter
  • Report game and equipment malfunctions, repair/maintain games and equipment as necessary
  • uphold an enforce game room policies
  • Perform preventive maintenance in cleaning pool tables and maintaining ping pong tables
  • Clean game room and snack bar area
  • Assist students, resolve complaints
  • Maintain accurate inventory of games, supplies and equipment
  • Filing/organizing ID paperwork
  • Maintain bulletin boards
  • Making Student Id cards/Answering phones
Contact Information:
Name/Supervisor: Ann Epps
Telephone Number: 806-716-2377




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