Employee Name Position Ext. # Location City
Salazar, Sallie Custodian 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Salgado, Yolanda Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Student Affairs 2453 SS Levelland
Salinas, Amanda Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Arts and Sciences 2339 TA-118 Levelland
Salinas, Delma Administrative Administrative to the Associate Dean of Workforce Development 4647 ATC-114A Lubbock
Salinas, Evalinda Custodian 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Sanchez,Ana Accounting Clerk 2400   Levelland
Sanchez, Cesar Instructor in Mathematics 2740 M Levelland
Sanchez-Vasquez, Arnoldo Instructor in Spanish 2449 CM Levelland
Sanders, Shane Network Technician 4916 ATC Lubbock
Sanders, Traci Assistant Professor of Mathematics  4616 Bldg 2, 268C Reese
Sarchet, Donald Nursing Simulation Lab Computer Technician 4720  Bldg. 1, Rm. 114 Reese
Sauer, Peyton Career Counselor 2363 SS Levelland
Scarborough, Donna Assistant Professor of Mathematics 4886 Bldg 3, 316B Reese
Scott, Cindy Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean of College Relations 2211 Visitors Center Levelland
Scott, Lance Instructor in Law Enforcement 2558 LE Levelland
Sears, Ed Assistant Professor of English 4691 Bldg 3-316H Reese
Sechrist, Al

Department Chairperson, Coordinator and Professor of Real Estate

4653 ATC-114A Lubbock
Seymour, Margaret Assistant Professor of Reading  2237 LIB 307  Levelland
Sharp, Kelvin (Dr) President of South Plains College 2200 AD Levelland
Sharp, Lissa Assistant Professor of Speech 2805 SS Levelland
Shipman, Mike Recreational Activities Coordinator 2226 P.E. Complex Levelland
Shriver, Amy Director of Instructional Technology 2962 TC Levelland
Sigala, Blanca Custodian 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Sigala, Olga Custodian 4310 PLV Plainvew
Silva, Delma Custodian 2419 Physical Plant  Levelland
Silva, Mike HVAC Technician 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Simmons, Chancy Residence Hall Director-Stroud 2883 Sroud Hall Levelland
Simpson, Letitia Assistant Professor of Anatomy and Physiology 2155 S-148 Levelland
Sims, Aaron Instructor in Chemistry 2326 S Levelland
Sisk, Monica Financial Aid Clerk 2410 SS Levelland
Skinner, Peggy (Dr.) Department Chairperson and Professor of Psychology 2455 AD-146B Levelland
Slape, Shalyn Scholarship Coordinator 2219 AD Levelland
Slaughter, Michael Instructor in Computer Information Systems 2179   Levelland
Smith, Annette Professor of Education 2173 Library Levelland
Smith, Kirk Instructor in Welding 4417   Plainview
Smith, Leanna Professor of Biology 2318 S-132 Levelland
Smith, Nancy Assistant Professor of Anthropology 4031 Bldg 4, 405G Reese
Smith, Oralia Cashier 2409 AD Levelland
Smith,Stan Assistant Professor of Mathematics  4698 Bldg 2-257 Reese
Smith, Stephanie Alumni Coordinator 2103 Development & Alumni Levelland
Spears, Ronald Dean of Continuing and Distance Education 2340 Technical Arts Levelland
St. Clair, Michael Instructor in Industrial Manufacturing/Emerging Technologies 4028 Bldg 2, 214C Reese
Stalcup, Thomas  Assistant Professor of Video Production Technology 2275  CB  Levelland 
Steffey, Jennifer Instructor in Vocational Nursing  4623   Reese
Steinhauer, Cat Associate Professor of Sociology  2469  AD-121 Levelland 
Stevens, Heather Bookstore Manager 2397 Bookstore Levelland
Stoddard, Jerry  Associate Professor of Sound Technology  2271  CB-124  Levelland 
Stracener, Pete  Chairperson for Industrial Technology Department, Program Coordinator and Professor of Welding Technology  2284  WT  Levelland 
Straface, Christopher Counselor-Events 2565 Student Services Levelland
Stratton, Jimmy Instructor in Welding Technology 2942 WT  Levelland
Strawn, Tara Instructor in Clinical Simulation Lab 4726 Bldg 5, 505 Reese
Strickland, Carla  Workforce Development Business Office Specialist  4639  ATC-158A  Lubbock 
Strong, Maria Diversity Coordinator/ Career Counselor 2562 ATC-157 ATC 
Sumpter, Frank Plumber 2419 Physical Plant Levelland

Revised 09/14


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