Employee Name Position Ext. # Location City
Halbakken, Nickie Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Business Affairs 2406 Admin Levelland
Hale, Debbie Administrative Assistant to the Professional Services and Energy Department 2291 LE Levelland
Hale, Terrell Clinical Coordinator & Instructor in EMS 4627 Bldg. 5 Reese
Hall, Veronica Administrative Assistant  to the Director of the Plainview Center 4302 Plainview Plainview
Ham, Donna Associate Professor of Fine Arts 2268 FA Levelland
Ham, Gary Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Automotive Technology 2296 Auto Tech Levelland
Harbin, Paul Assistant Professor of Electrical Utilites Technology 2285 LE-104 Levelland
Hardy, James Computer Network Technician 4665 Bldg 8-839 Reese
Hargrove, Janet Instructor in Vocational Nursing 2386 AH-103A Levelland
Hargrove, Marsha Admissions Clerk 4644 Bldg 8-803 Reese
Harman, James Professor of Chemistry 2327 SS Levelland
Harris-Plant, Sheyleah Associate Professor of Mathematics 2665 MA-104 Levelland
Harrison, Mike Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Director of the Natatorium 2228 NAT Levelland
Hartgraves, Morri (Dr) Professor of Anatomy and Physiology 2589 S-145 Levelland
Hawk, Travis Instructor in Electrical & Power Transmission 2424  Bldg. 6 Reese
Heath, Angela Assistant Professor of Art 2184  FA 121  Levelland 
Heckman, Callie Residence Hall Director-Smallwood 2889 Smallwood Levelland
Heh, John Chairperson of the Science Department & Assistant Professor of Chemistry 2323 S-117A Levelland
Henderson, Paul Workforce Development Coordinator 4320 PLV  Plainview
Hensley, George Painter 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Herbert, Richard Associate Professor of Psychology 4039  Bldg 4, 405D Reese
Hernandez, Alicia  Custodian  4310  Physical Plant  Plainview 
Hernandez, Lola  QEP Coordinator 2332 SS- Levelland 
Herrera, Carmen Custodian 2917 Physical Plant Reese
Heth, Ryan Instructor in Physical Education 2234 P.E. Complex-110 Levelland
Hickey, William Instructor of Professional Truck Driving 4686 Bldg 4. 412 Reese
Hill, Don  Instructor in Welding   2945  WT 107 Levelland 
Hixson, Matt Program Coordinator and Instructor in Fire Technology 4912 ATC Lubbock
Hobbs, David  Professor of Physics and Engineering  2639  AG-108  Levelland 
Hodge, Liz Administrative Assistant to Student Health 2576  Student Center  Levelland 
Hodgens, Mark Instructor in Computer Information Systems 4670 ATC 108 BMATC
Hoes, Jay  Assistant Professor of Video Production Technology/Telecom 2443  CM-125  Levelland 
Holster, Kathy  Assistant Professor of Mathematics  2664  MA-113  Levelland 
Holt-Day, Janna  Associate Professor of Speech 2447  CM-139  Levelland 
Hood, Stephanie Bookstore- Textbook Manager 4697 Bldg 8 Reese
Hooker, Lena Financial Aid Advisor 4661 Bldg 8. 804 Reese
Horney, Jo Beth Professor of Mathematics  2735  LIB-330  Levelland 
Hotaling, Bob  Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Automotive Collision  Repair 2289  Industrial Tech  Levelland 
Hudelson, Schahara  Assistant Professor of English  2178  CM-131  Levelland 
Hudgins, Chris Instructor in Commercial Music/Vocals 2474 CB Levelland
Hudson, Gary (Dr)  Professor of Music  2262  FA-10C  Levelland 
Hudson, Lorie Instructor in LVN (Clinical) 4619 103E Levelland
Huffstutler, Allison Instructor in Commercial Music 2282 CM Levelland
Hughes, Ray Assistant Professor of Associate Degree Nursing (Clinical) 2491 AH-107C Levelland
Humphreys, James Groundskeeper II 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Humphreys, Marietta Baker Center Supervisor 2427 Baker Center Levelland
Hunt, Sanford Instructor in Social Sciences 2463 AD Levelland

  Revised 09/14


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