Raymund Elizondo

Program Coordinator and Professor of Industrial Manufacturing/Emerging Technologies.  A.A.S., South Plains College

Contact Information:

Office: ET, Office #102

Phone: 806.716.2352

Email: relizondo@southplainscollege.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Syllabi for Summer I 2014


Syllabi for Summer II 2014

ELPT 2419_001_ELIZONDO_S114

Syllabi for Spring 2014


ITCC 1401_200_ELIZONDO_SP14  ITCC 1404_200_ELIZONDO_SP14

ITCC 2408_200_ELIZONDO_SP14  PTRT 1324_200_ELIZONDO_SP14

RBTC 1305_001_ELIZONDO_SP14  WIND 2310_200_ELIZONDO_SP14

Syllabi for Fall 2013

CETT 1425_001_ELIZONDO_FA13  CETT 1509_001_ELIZONDO_FA13

CETT 1425_001_ELIZONDO_FA13  ITCC 1401_001_ELIZONDO_FA13

CETT 1425_001_ELIZONDO_FA13  ITCC 1404_200_ELIZONDO_FA13 

RBTC 1305_001_ELIZONDO_FA13  WIND 2310_200_ELIZONDO_FA13

Syllabi for Spring 2013

CETT_1425_001_ELIZONDO_SP13  CETT_1509_001_ELIZONDO_SP13

CPMT_1405_001_ELIZONDO_SP13  ITCC_1401_200_ELIZONDO_SP13

ITCC_1404_200_ELIZONDO_SP13  ITCC_2408_200_ELIZONDO_SP13

ITCC_2410_200_ELIZONDO_SP13  ITCC_2454_200_ELIZONDO_SP13

RBTC_1305_001_ELIZONDO_SP13  WIND_2310_200_ELIZONDO_SP13

Syllabi for Fall 2012

CETT 1425_001_ELIZONDO_FA12  CPMT 1405_001_ELIZONDO_FA12

ITCC 1401_200_ELIZONDO_FA12  ITCC 1404_200_ELIZONDO_FA12

ITCC 2408_200_ELIZONDO_FA12  ITCC 2410_200_ELIZONDO_FA12

RBTC 1305_001_ELIZONDO_FA12  WIND 2310_200_ELIZONDO_FA12


Marlin Mills

Associate Professor of Industrial Manufacturing/Emerging Technologies. 

B.S., Texas Tech University

Contact Information:

Office:  ATC Room 125

Phone: 806.716-4910

Email: mmills@southplainscollege.edu

Curriculum Vitae


Syllabi for Spring 2014

INMT1311_271-272_Mills_SP14          INMT1343_271-272_Mills_SP14 

MCHN1308_271-272_Mills_SP14         MCHN1332_271-272_Mills_SP14

MCHN1338_271-272_Mills_SP14         MCHN2341_271-272_Mills_SP14


Syllabi for Fall 2013

INMT_1343_271_272 MMills_SP13           INMT_1345_271_272_MMills_SP13

MCHN_1332_271_272_MMills_SP13          MCHN_1338_271_272_MMills_SP13

MCHN_2341_271_272_MMills_SP13          MCHN_2447_271_272_MMills_SP13


Salvador Molinar

Title V Wind/Solar Program Developer.  A.A.S., South Plains College; A.A.S. Texas State Technical College; The Light Brigade, Certificate.

Contact Information:

Office: PC, Office #101

Phone: 806.716.2334

Email: smolinar@ southplainscollege.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Syllabi for SUMMER I 2014

FCEL 1305_501_MOLINAR_S114

Syllabi for Summer II 2014

RBPT 2345_501_MOLINAR_S114

Syllabi for Spring 2014

CETT 1425_501_MOLINAR_SP14  CETT 1509_501_MOLINAR_SP14

ELPT 2419_501_MOLINAR_SP14  PTRT 1324_501_MOLINAR_SP14

RBTC 1305_501_MOLINAR_SP14  WIND 1370_501_MOLINAR_SP14

WIND 2310_501_MOLINAR_SP14

Syllabi for Fall 2013

CETT 1425_501_MOLINAR_FA13  CETT 1509_501_MOLINAR_FA13

ELPT 2419_501_MOLINAR_FA13  RBTC 1305_501_MOLINAR_FA13

WIND 1370_501_MOLINAR_FA13  WIND 2310_501_MOLINAR_FA13

Syllabi for Spring 2013

CETT_1425_501_MOLINAR_SP13  CETT_1509_501_MOLINAR_SP13

ELPT_2419_501_MOLINAR_SP13  WIND_1370_501_MOLINAR_SP13


Syllabi for Fall 2012

CETT 1425_501_MOLINAR_FA12  CETT 1509_541_MOLINAR_FA12

RBTC 1305_501_MOLINAR_FA12  WIND 1370_501_MOLINAR_FA12


Whitney Owens

Program Coordinator and Professor of Diesel Service Technology, Certificate, Texas State Technical Institute; A.A.S., South Plains College; ASE Certified Technician

Contact Information:

 Office:  D-shop, Office #104

 Phone: 806.716.2293

 Email: wowens@southplainscollege.edu

Curiculum Vitae

DEMR 1416_002_OWENS_SP14


Randall Redman

Instructor in Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology and Industrial Manufacturing/Emerging Technologies.  Certificate, South Plains College; B.S.O.E., Wayland Baptist University.

Contact Information:

Office: MT, Office #25

Phone: 806.716.2354

Email: rredman@southplainscollege.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Syllabi for Spring 2014

ELPT 2419_200_REDMAN_SP14

Syllabi for Fall 2013

ELPT 2419_200_REDMAN_FA13

Syllabi for Spring 2013


Syllabi for Fall 2012

ELPT 2419_200_REDMAN_FA12  ELPT 2419_202_REDMAN_FA12


Mike St. Clair

Instructor in Industrial Manufacturing/Emerging Technologies; B.A Wayland Baptist College; M.S., Tarleton State University

Contact Information:

Office: RC, Building 2, Office #214C

Phone: 806.716.4028

Email: mstclair@southplainscollege.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Syllabi for Spring 2014

CETT 1425_200_ST CLAIR_SP14  CETT 1429_200_ST CLAIR_SP14

CETT 1441_200_ST CLAIR_SP14  CETT 1509_200_ST CLAIR_SP14

FCEL 1305_200_ST CLAIR_SP14  RBPT 2345_200_ST CLAIR_SP14

Syllabi for Fall 2013

CETT 1425_200_ST CLAIR_FA13  CETT 1429_200_ST CLAIR_FA13

CETT 1441_200_ST CLAIR_FA13  CETT 1509_200_ST CLAIR_FA13

EECT 2439_200_ST CLAIR_FA13  ELMT 2435_200_ST CLAIR_FA13

FCEL 1305_200_ST CLAIR_FA13  RBPT 2345_200_ST CLAIR_FA13

Syllabi for Spring 2013

CETT_1425_200_ST CLAIR_SP13  CETT_1429_200_ST CLAIR_SP13

CETT_1509_200_ST CLAIR_SP13  EECT_2439_200_ST CLAIR_SP13

ELMT_2435_200_ST CLAIR_SP13  FCEL_1305_200_ST CLAIR_SP13

RBPT_2345_200_ST CLAIR_SP13

Syllabi for Fall 2012

CETT 1425_200_ST CLAIR_FA12  CETT 1429_200_ST CLAIR_FA12

CETT 1441_200_ST CLAIR_FA12  CETT 1509_200_ST CLAIR_FA12

EECT 2439_200_ST CLAIR_FA12  FCEL 1305_200_ST CLAIR_FA12

FCEL 1305_201_ST CLAIR FA12  RBPT 2345_200_ST CLAIR_FA12


Bill Tackett

Instructor in Industrial Manufacturing/Emerging Technologies.  A.A.S., South Plains College

Contact Information:

Office: ET, Office #112

Phone: 806.716.2297

Email: btackett@southplainscollege.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Syllabi for Spring 2014

CETT 1509_001_TACKETT_SP14    INMT 1370_200_TACKETT_SP14   

INMT 2370_200_TACKETT_SP14    RBTC 1305_200_TACKETT_SP14

WIND 1370_200_TACKETT_SP14   WIND 2355_200_TACKETT_SP14

Syllabi for Fall 2013

INMT 1370_200_TACKETT_FA13  INMT 2370_200_TACKETT_FA13  

RBTC 1305_200_TACKETT_FA13  WIND 1370_200_TACKETT_FA13

WIND 2355_200_TACKETT_FA13

Syllabi for Spring 2013

INMT_1370_200_TACKETT_SP13  INMT_2370_200_TACKETT_SP13

RBTC_1305_200_TACKETT_SP13  WIND_1370_200_TACKETT_SP13


Syllabi for Fall 2012

CETT 1509_141_TACKETT_FA12  INMT 1370_200_TACKETT_FA12

INMT 2370_200_TACKETT_FA12  RBTC 1305_200_TACKETT_FA12

WIND 1370_200_TACKETT_FA12  WIND 2355_201_TACKETT_FA12


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