Employee Name Position Ext. # Location City
Race, Sharon Assistant Professor of English 2439 CM-124 Levelland
Ramos, Manuela Custodian 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Ramos, Cindy Cashier 2408 Business Office Levelland
Ramos, Eva Custodian 2917 Reese Lubbock
Ramos, Rob Assistant Professor of Foreign Language (806) 742-3145, Ext. 241

Foreign Language Bldg. 214

Texas Tech

Randel, Stacy Program Coordinator & Instructor in Radiologic Technology 4628


Rangel, Andrea Dean of Admissions and Records 2370 SS Levelland
Reaves, Robyn Administrative Assistant to the President 2201 AD Levelland
Reaves, Zachary Landscape Construction Specialist 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Rector, Neecy Administrative Assistant to the Director of the Physical Plant 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Reding, Gary General Maintenance 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Reding, Jody Director of Student Life 2377 SS Levelland
Redman, Randy Assistant Professor of Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology 2354 MT-4 Levelland
Reep, Skipper Instructor in Diesel Service Technology 2188 Diesel Shop Levelland
Reid, John  Associate Professor of Commercial Music  2476  CB-137  Levelland 
Reimer, James Instructor in Automotive Technology 2295 TA-202 Levelland
Reyes, Kasey Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Continuing and Distance Education 2341 TA-118 Levelland
Reynolds, Johnanne  Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Child Development  4646  Bldg 5-512A  Lubbock 
Rice, Teresa Admissions Clerk  4660 Bldg 8-803  Lubbock 
Ricker, Philip  Professor of Microbiology  2314  S-140  Levelland 
Rider, Emily  Remediation Coach 2194  AH-112I Levelland 
Riley, Chris  Director of Upward Bound  2651  TC  Levelland 
Rincones, Rosa Custodian 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Roberts, Angela Assistant Professor of History 2456 AD143 Levelland
Robertson, Debra Instructor in Vocational Nursing 4620 Bldg. 5-506 Lubbock
Robertson, Randy  Chairperson of Professional Services and Energy and Assistant Professor of Law Enforcement  2342  LE-109A  Levelland 
Robinson, Dennis  Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems  4913  ATC-119  Lubbock 
Robinson, Sally  Professor of Mathematics  4684  Bldg 3-318F  Reese 
Robison, Dale  Assistant Professor of Economics  4678  Bldg 2-263  Lubbock 
Robison, Vanessa Instructor in Accounting 4637 ATC Lubbock
Rocha, Christy Cashier 4676 Bldg. 8 Reese
Rodreick, Mike  Food Service Manager  2394  Texan Hall  Levelland 
Rodreick, Prudy  Events Coordinator  2395  Texan Hall  Levelland 
Rodriguez, Carmen  Custodian  2917  Physical Plant  Reese 
Rodriguez, Marilyn Buyer I  2107  AD  Levelland 
Rodriguez, Mary Ann Custodian 2917  Building 8 Reese
Rodriquez, Rafael Custodian 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Rogers, Ricky Carpenter 2419 Physical Plant Levelland
Rosiles, Armida (Dr)  Professor of Psychology  2944  Bldg 4-405 C  Reese 
Ross, Jeff  Assistant Professor of Psychology  4033  Bldg 4-405H  Reese 
Rowan, Randy (Dr.)  Professor of History  2459  AD  Levelland 
Rubio de Bourunda, Ada Administrative Assistant to the Director of the Star Center 2751 TC Levelland
Ruiz, Andrew Registrar 2371 AD Levelland
Ruiz, Vanessa Student Refund Coordinator 2405 AD Levelland
Russell, Doyle Senior Instructor of Professional Truck Driving 4686 Bldg 4, 412 Reese

  Revised 09/14


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